If the crime scene is preserved it might help solve the crime. Only start clearing up when the police tell you that it is okay to do so.

Make a list

You will need to go through the house listing everything that’s been stolen or damaged. Unless the police have said, it is okay, make sure you don’t disturb anything when doing this. Both the police and your insurer will want to know what’s missing. Also, if you have any receipts or photographs of the items that are missing, this information might help police to link any property they recover to your burglary. When you’re making your list, you should also check if any credit cards, chequebooks, driving licence or passports have been stolen. It’s easy to forget important documents.

Let others know

Apart from calling the police to report the burglary, there will be others that you will also need to notify. If you have a home insurance policy and want to make a claim, you should get in touch with your insurance company. They will be able to explain what you need to do to process your claim. When you contact them, it’s worth checking to see if the policy includes Home Emergency Cover. This may help cover the cost of making your property safe.

If your chequebook or credit cards have been stolen in the burglary, you will also need to contact your bank straight away. The bank will then stop anyone from accessing your account. Likewise, you will need to contact the relevant authority if you find your passport or driving licence is missing.

Making your home secure

What to do when you’ve been burgled is to ensure that your home is safe. If windows or doors have been broken or the locks damaged, then you’ll need to have them repaired as a matter of urgency. Doing so will protect your home from further intruders. You may also want to consider changing the locks on your doors, especially if you think the burglar might have stolen your keys. Whatever you do to make your home secure, it is important that you keep the receipts. You will need these if you want to make a claim for the repairs as part of your insurance claim. When fixing the damage, it is important that you follow any instructions your insurers give you.


And finally, use the burglary as a chance to review your home security. Look at how you can improve the safety in your home to reduce the risk of another burglary happening. For a free no obligation survey and quotation contact the team here at Eurotech Security.