Can our smart technology protect us, and what do we do when it doesn’t?

If you started asking your mobile phone what the weather forecast was for the week ahead around 5 years ago, your friends might have thought you’ve gone mad. Skip to [...]

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What are the benefits of Power over Ethernet?

What are the benefits of Power over Ethernet Power over Ethernet, or PoE as it is also referred to, is the technology that conveys data and electric current [...]


Improving Gate Safety CALL FOR MORE ACTION FROM GATE MANUFACTURERS TO HELP PREVENT ACCIDENTS “It’s high time that those who make their money out of selling automated gates [...]

Business Crime in the last 12 months

Business Crime in the last 12 months Very often, your business is your baby, and keeping it safe is important. Sadly, many businesses can be the subject of various crimes, [...]


An enthusiastic Business Watch scheme will reduce crime Protecting your business with locks, bolts and bars is fine, but you will enjoy greater security and peace of mind if everyone [...]

How crime and technology have evolved over the last 10 years

Crime is, always has been and always will be, a problem, there’s no getting around the fact that over the years crime has evolved to such a point that illegal [...]

How to Avoid Contracting COVID-19 From Office Doors

At a time when everybody is trying everything possible to avoid contracting coronavirus, it is crucial for you as a CEO or business owner to come up with further measures [...]

COVID-19 Crime Prevention Measures

If you are working from home or self-isolating due to COVID-19, please make sure you are following the appropriate crime prevention measures in order to keep yourselves and your belongings [...]

Advice: Staff Theft

Unaccounted losses, often called “shrinkage”, accounts for an unnecessary amount of lost profit opportunity. In the retail environment this is often blamed on customer theft - shoplifting. However, an increasing [...]

Access Control Advice

Some criminals won’t go to the trouble of breaking into your business premises, if they can just walk straight in. Bogus callers come in many shapes and sizes. They could [...]